Hair and There

Well, what about hair that you haven’t heard or read or seen already. We all have our favorite style, product, salon and accessories. But there is a lot more to this mane than you think. From ancient times hair styling and hair care has just so evolved.  We share with you some tips for modern time use that resonates with ancient styling


First though we get about Ancient Egyptians is their poker straight shoulder length hair with the famous heavy gold headdress. It is said that they used animal fat to the hair to make it sleek and shiny.

Copy That!  Apply straightening milk and brush your hair flat.  Add on an antique headband or a similar accessory.

What for?  Corporate events, High rolling events, Casino.

egypt hair


Ancient Romans first introduced braiding. (Thank you!) They complicated the hairstyles to showcase their superiority in society. The fancier the braiding, richer the lady.

Copy That!  Get pinned on pinterest and explore the thousand new styles of braiding, choose the one that suits best to your face and hair. Use a styling gel, just scrounge and braid on! (Give your hair dryer a day off)

What for?  Anywhere anytime!

roman hair

The English Royals

Queen Elizabeth trended the hairdo with jewel. The royal connection, with wild curls tamed with jeweled pin and clean look of face. Curly hair was a symbol of royalty and an aspiration to be in a fairytale.

Copy That!  Pluck your hairline and eyebrows to get a sharp edge. Dab a rouge on to get high cheek bones. Pin it up with some blingy pins and accessories.

What for?  Weddings, special occasions, festivities

hairblog royals

The 20th Century

1900s came blistering with a new freedom where hair was cut short for the first time for women. Our very fave bob! Also the perming, upsweft curls and bouffants were introduced. Even a short boy cut became a sassy and fashion statement.

Copy That!  Run to salon and chop chop. Suitable for wavy and straight hair. Remember to wear your confidence to complete the look.

What for?  Elegant events, personal style statement.

20th century

Birth of Retro & Pop

1960s had a breakthrough. With Afro being the new “it” thing, brown and black curls entered the fashion world. Soon the trend caught on and curls were again the symbol of freedom and beauty of a woman.

Copy That!  Perm, finger curl or roll it in curlers for the messy and entangled, yet, free look. Use a curl control mousse to hold the curl longer.

What for?  The free spirited young woman.

retro pop hair

The Internet Era

2000s till date has been the most diverse but careful (Read boring!) styles. We see everyone playing safe and storming with long hair afraid to experiment. Although today’s hair industry is a most lucrative industry and styling being expensive, it is hardly dynamic.

Loud Message! Go read up the history and experiment. Try out new styles, use appropriate products and define your own mane statement. If you are the new age girl, with a bold new style statement, send us your pic and we shall make few of you trend starters! (Read: lots of goodies too)

P.S. Send in your photographs at

 Contributed by Shivangi Abhyankar

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