Work-life balance…

Well, everyone who is reading this blog must have at least thought once, and, if not yet then definitely will, about managing between their work life and their professional life and striking a balance between both.

So what exactly defines a good work-life balance? There is definitely no approved definition for it but still I consider the following to be apt at least for me: A person will have a perfect work-life balance when he/she doesn’t let any one of the two take over the other and knows where to draw a line. I have kept it pretty straight and simple for me to actually apply that practically and I am sharing with you what I feel. But as the saying goes – “it’s always easier said than done”. In my opinion, with a bit of practice and organization, things will start falling in place and if not perfect, at least a good work-life balance will be achieved.

If I were to describe in one word the cause of an imbalanced life, it would definitely be “Time”. If we cannot manage time, we can never have a balanced life no matter how much ever we strive to achieve one. Managing time certainly sounds like a cliché right? But going by my personal experience I think managing time is the key to have balance in every aspect of life.

Consider this, let’s say that you work for 8 hours a day and considering the minimum time that one would spend on traveling to and fro from office as anything between 1-2 hours, and then if you sleep for 7-8 hours then the total time that you spend in a day would be minimum of 16-17 hours. Now subtracting that from 24 hours we are just left with 6-7 hours in a day for ourselves, for our family, our personal commitments and so on. This means that we need to manage time adequately so that we have more time for our family and yourself.

Going by the above mathematics, it illustrates and emphasizes how important it is to manage time.

In my opinion there are few basics that we all can follow to have a good work-life balance and in a way a healthy life

1.Managing timeManging Time

Pre-planning your day’s activity in advance will certainly help in utilizing time more efficiently. Try and prioritize your work and allot time according to the urgency /nature of the work. Complete the work within the allotted time and this will ensure that, your planned time for yourself will be maintained and not taken away by incomplete work.

2. OrganizinOrganizingg:

Organization helps achieve work-life balance. Taking more responsibility than you can do justice to will just increase the pressure on you resulting in lack of focus. If you are in a situation where multitasking is imperative, fragmenting – organizing your work will go a long way in helping you achieve the goals.

3. Learn to draw a lineline

We always try to honor our professional or personal commitments to the best of our effort and sometimes in the bargain we just end up pushing ourselves to such an extent that we start involving professional life with personal life and vice-versa, eventually being unable to give hundred per cent in either. At any time, if we find ourselves in such situation we should know where to draw a line and how early to respond.

4.Take a break Vacationonce in a while

Our body cannot speak for itself right? So why push it to such an extent where it actually starts crying. So when we fight against the clock to do as much as possible in a day, we should try to find some time out for out for ourselves. We should not ignore ourselves. Be kind to yourself and get some time out where it is just you and nothing else. Love yourself.

5.Eat healthyHealthy-Eating

Eating is one of the major elements that are neglected. Eating helps us to be physically fit andprovides our body with the fuel needed for it to run and a physically fit body also helps in achieving a well-balanced state of mind.

6.Share it with someone

ShareSometime, there comes a stage where you are doing everything just the right way and just what life has asked for but still you feel things don’t fall in place and at the same time you know it’s just a matter of time and you will get over it. So since you cannot do much just have a nice chat with a friend, your family member or anyone whom you think you can share your situation with, it might happen that the conversation wont fetch you a solution but it will certainly make you feel lighter and will relax your mind.

7.Recap and Revise:RR

It is always good to do a recap. So when you feel that you have done all the things that you possibly could have done but are still unable to strike a balance between your personal and professional life, try revising a few things that you think did work in your favour and try doing them in a different way. Hopefully a bit of recap and revise strategy might help you in striking some balance.


BreatheNothing helps you better to connect with your inner self than to disconnect yourself from the world and focus on your breathing. This will help you gain control over your mind eventually helping you to be more focused on your goals and define clear paths and strategies to achieve them.

As mentioned earlier in the blog there is no approved definition of a perfect work-life balance and similarly there is no universally approved or practiced way of achieving the same. Try out the ways that suits you the best and helps you achieve a balance. And if you do so kindly don’t forget to share the same with us 🙂

Contributed by Gautam Sharma.

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