Do you know your Skin Type?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, what is my skin type after all?

img 1

We women are perpetually a confused species when it comes to walking into a store and buying the right skin care product for ourselves.  With so many brands on the shelves, we could end up generalizing our skin type and probably picking up the wrong product. And Oh! By the way, who told you that the skin care advisor behind the counter always gives you the right advice? Yup, they are trained to identify your skin type and advise you on a regime but remember they are equally well trained to make a sale too!

Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary for 2 reasons:

  1. To ensure proper care and treatment of your skin and
  2. To pick up the right product for your skin

There are 5 basic skin types:

  1. Normal Skin
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Oily Skin
  4. Combination Skin
  5. Sensitive Skin

How to identify your skin type?

NORMAL SKIN:  This is an ideal type of skin and it is neither too oily nor dry.  It is well balanced with oil and moisture and appears healthy.  The skin tone is even and pores are minimally visible.

Normal skin

DRY SKIN:  If your skin is flaky, tight and dull, you have a dry skin.  Dry skin does not retain moisture and is very fragile making it more susceptible to UV radiation and extreme weathers.  The skin tone is uneven and pores are noticeable.

dry skin

OILY SKIN: If your skin has large pores and appear greasy and shiny all the time, you have an oily skin.  People with oily skin generally tend to develop breakouts, pimples and black heads. The skin looks plump and the pores are large and noticeable.

oily skin

COMBINATION SKIN: If you have both dry and oily areas, then you have a combination skin.  The T-zone i.e. the forehead, nose and chin are oily whereas the cheeks appear to be a little dry. You have to be extra careful to manage this type of skin as treatment will differ according to the areas of the combination skin.


SENSITIVE SKIN: This type of skin is very fragile. It is usually red and itchy and is prone to irritation.  Sensitive skin types could react to products and even on consumption of certain food and beverages.  One has to be extremely careful while taking care of this type of skin and should never use a product without an expert advice.

sensitive skin

The above gives you a basic knowledge of different types of skin.  However, I recommend that before buying any skin care product, please doubly ensure your skin type with an experienced skin care consultant or you may just end up buying a wrong product which could damage your skin and leave you looking around for a dermat………

And before I end, I would also like to mention that your skin can be affected by your environment, products you use, your stress levels, diet, lifestyle choices and more. These factors can cause your skin type to fluctuate, so keep that in mind.

Having identified the skin type, my next series would be on skin care for each skin type. How to handle each skin type in your daily regime, what foods to avoid, what weather precautions to be taken and all such tid bits that you need to know.

Until then, take care of yourself gorgeous ladies and its okay if you do not have the perfect skin. You are just beautiful the way you are……….

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