Teeth Whitening

The colour of teeth varies from country to country. Most people are born with white or light yellow teeth. The most important reason being their complexion. Generally, darker the complexion, whiter the teeth.

Also the habits of people darken the teeth. For instance:

  • Smoking
  • Colas
  • Sugar & candies
  • Drug abuse
  • Insufficient brushing
  • Over brushing/ hard brushing
  • Age

Teeth Whitening

Fear not! Avoid the yellow-ing of teeth by simply avoiding the reasons stated above. But if that’s not working there are always dentists to the rescue. Thank you science! Teeth can get whiter if you do a non-invasive procedure known as whitening. It does not damage the teeth. But it has to be done very carefully as it may damage your teeth permanently if not done correctly. It is not the most difficult process in the world but one certainly needs to be careful while using it.

There are also many home whitening products available at the drug stores. But the products which the dentists use are stronger. They refer to them as maintenance bleach. “Given their experience, what we do in an hour and half gives a quantum jump in the type of whiteness your teeth can achieve as opposed to using the products yourself. Hence, a dental supervision for application of these products is essential”, says Dr. Mukul Dabholkar, a renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai at ICDC, Bandra, who’s worked on whitening & other complex treatments on patients from all over the world ever since teeth whitening came to India in 1994. Incidentally, teeth whitening process has been there since 1964.

The time taken for this process is about an hour. The cost for these products is around Rs.1000 per tooth. Normal recommendation of the dentists is to carry out whitening to at least 24 teeth to get the best results.

So brush twice a day, use an electric toothbrush, as it cannot damage your teeth or gums and keep your teeth whiter and stronger.

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