Everything you need to know about Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup

I’m a great fan of dressing up and make-up, I’m sure most girls are. But, somehow, I can’t seem to make it stay. A good friend of mine asked me to try out a mineral loose powder foundation, and surprisingly it stayed longer. This piqued my interest. I wanted to know more about this. I read about it and thought, ‘ah, people got to know this.’

Many people who buy make-up don’t realize what product they’re using. They buy on the advice of the sales people or on advertisements. Before purchasing mineral makeup, research the product’s quality and purity. Because mineral makeup isn’t regulated, products with trace amounts of natural mineral ingredients may be labeled as true mineral makeup. Read ingredient labels to ensure that the product contains the natural ingredients you desire.

But, people have to know what they’re using and what it can do. We might have come across the word “mineral-based make-up.” But what is it really?

Mineral based make up is the make-up that’s good for your skin. Unlike traditional make-up it’s not heavily based on creams and oils, hence benefiting our oily Indian skin. If your skin is a little on the drier side of the scale, don’t worry, this product has been improved to be used on any type of skin. For people with sensitive skin, this is a product that wouldn’t irritate your skin. Triple Win!

It does not contain preservatives, chemical dyes, perfumes, alcohol and other not-so-good stuff found in traditional make up. It surely isn’t water-proof which is good news, because easy to remove.

To simply understand this, the products are, as the name suggests based on minerals. It has minerals such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are micronized, or ground and milled, into tiny particles to create makeup. It doesn’t clog your pores, it is hypo-allergic (doesn’t cause skin allergies) reduces acne and breakouts, gives a flattering texture to your skin, longer lasting. It lets your skin breathe. So you could be smacked on with layers of make-up but it won’t feel as heavy, and what’s more, it’s nourishing. The lightness of this is such that you could sleep with such make-up on! (I wouldn’t really recommend though.)

Mineral foundations also have SPF (Sun Protection Factor). So, you don’t have to be worried to step out of your house without that heavy sunblock cream you hate. Nourishing your skin and preventing a tan has never been easier.

People have chosen mineral based make-up because it lets their skin breathe and feels very light and natural on their skin. Unlike the traditional belief, mineral make up is not only limited to foundations and loose powder. There are also mascara, blush, eye shadows and liners, bronzers, lipsticks and so on.

One might think, what are these products individually offering over traditional make-up?


Liquid, loose or pressed powder foundations focus on good coverage and lasting effect. To ensure you’re buying a quality mineral makeup product, read the label it would say “mineral-enriched.”


It’s mostly shimmer free, so it leaves you looking naturally flushed or sun kissed, however you would want it. Because of mineral makeup’s superior blending properties, adding blush on top of mineral foundation will not produce a heavy look. Cheek-stains and crèmes provide a glow, while loose and pressed powder formulas look light and airy.

Eye shadow:
Apart from the large variety of colors offered, like all mineral make-up, these eye shadows last longer and feel light and natural on your skin. Like mineral powder foundations, mineral eye shadows are available in loose or pressed powder formulas and come in single- or multiple-color compacts and containers.

Mascara and eye liners:

Ever read on a label of a mascara or eye liner saying “rich with vitamin e”? it’s probably a mineral product then. Natural mascaras contain vitamins and conditioners that strengthen lashes and allow the mascara to adhere well to the lashes. The water proof formulas usually dry out your lashes and aren’t natural, it’s not a feature of mineral product.

Lip shades:

There is a variety of lip products based on mineral formulas like, lips stick, lip stains, glosses, liners, balms. These provide moisture and vitamins to the lips leaving them smooth. Some of these lip balms also have SPF. Mineral pigments provide rich, long-lasting and natural colors that suit any skin and lip tone.

To conclude this, I would say mineral make-ups do not replace your serums and moisturizing creams but do have good benefits to offer. To use these products or not, is your choice.

Curated by

Akshaya Kannan for Let’s Talk Beauty

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