Are you choosing your perfume correctly?

The Simple Fragrance Guide – Part 2

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I hope you have benefited from Part 1 of this subject and as promised, this blog will address the use of perfume, how to choose, apply and store it and how to find the right scent for you.

Use of Perfume:

A special touch of fragrance can make an unforgettable impression on others. Perfume is worn for a variety of different reasons. To attract and seduce the opposite sex; to improve one’s mood or state of mind; to boost one’s level of self confidence; to refresh and energize, etc.

Fragrances smell different on different people. This can be due to body chemistry, condition of the skin, the individual’s diet, medication, lifestyle, stress, and the environment in which we live. Furthermore, how long a fragrance remains on your skin also depends from person to person, so you can wear some again, once during the day and once later in the evening.  Fragrances are also known to elevate moods and thus aroma therapies, fragrance candles are hugely popular as stress-busters.

After wearing a fragrance, after a while, you may not be aware of your fragrance. This is normal because the sense of smell sometimes get quickly fatigued. After a period of smelling anything, including your fragrance, you become used to it and may not be able to smell it.

Choosing a perfume:

When you ask yourself, which perfume I should buy, it gets a bit tricky no…. The fragrance market is loaded with all time classics and new launches every fortnight that picking up a fragrance may just end up being a chore.  Here are some simple tips that may help you choose the right fragrance for you:

  1. Decide for yourself whether you want a ‘signature’ fragrance for yourself or a different fragrance for different times. Signature fragrance becomes your identity and people will start associating you with one fragrance.  You may find the need to change after some time.
  2. The next easy step is – just take a close look at your wardrobe and identify your style. If your style is romantic, modern, clean or classic then go for classic fragrances. If your style is sexy, then you should go for woody fragrances. The minimalists (or who prefer basic styles) should go for fragrances from the citrus family. The fashion conscious persons, who follow designers and change their wardrobe accordingly, should look for oriental perfumes.
  3. If you decide to buy different scents for different occasions then:
    1. Choose strong fragrances for outdoor or night times.
    2. Choose light or fresh fragrances for work or college.
  4. Finally, do not make your purchase decision based on a fancy packaging, a great marketing campaign, the latest launch or your friend’s perfume. Fragrances are personal and go with your personality and remember they are expensive too.  So think wisely before making this investment. Find a fragrance that goes well on your skin and smells amazing on you. What smells great on your friend may not smell the same on you as everybody has a different chemistry.

Applying a perfume:

  • Scent clings best to moist/humid skin, so apply perfume to your pulse points which are the areas on your skin where blood flow is the strongest and the skin is the warmest: to the inside of your wrists, back of your knees, around your ankles, neck, behind your ears, between your breasts, and inside your elbows.
  • Never rub perfume because that crushes the molecules of the fragrance and ruins the scent.
  • For a lighter scent, spray the outside of your hand instead of the inside if your wrist.
  • For a subtle perfuming of your hair and clothing, spray your perfume in the air and then walk through it. If you prefer a lighter overall smell and not concentrated on one part of your body, this may be the method for you (especially wonderful for a social event where there will be lots of people).
  • Layering your fragrance will help make your scent last longer. If the scent you use has a matching bath gel, moisturizer or powder, those can be used before you apply the actual fragrance.

Storing Perfume:

  • Perfume does deteriorate, and the time period depends on the temperature, light and length of storage.
  • Extreme heat and direct sunlight can break down the components of most fragrances so keep all fragrances in a cool dry area and away from windows. Perfume should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat sources.
  • On average, the shelf life for a fragrance is 3 to 5 years; for pure perfumes it is much less.

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Now that you have a complete guide on fragrances, I am sure, your next buying decision of a perfume would be well thought one and will bring you happiness.  So go out and indulge yourself in the seductive world of fragrances.

Write to me on how you liked my simple fragrance guide.  Was it helpful?  It will be my attempt in the coming series to write on various topics related to Beauty, Grooming and Wellness.However, I need your feedback to feel that you are benefiting out of my blogs.

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Hema Aushat for Let’s Talk Beauty

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