Here are the secrets your eyebrows reveal about you!

A few days  ago I found myself a new fascination. I realised that I had started observing girl’s eyebrows and probably even creeped them out. This led to my fingers playing with the keyboard to feed my fascination, through which I came across some brow-friendly websites and beauty brands like Benefit , famous for their brow-bar lounges, Chelsea Beautique – It’s all about the brows. An interesting quote on the Chelsea website “Well-defined brows can frame your face and instantly take the years off your look”.   Ok, so here’s something for you to think about!

Thick bold

A precocious, insistent person and Likely to have a zillion of self-confidence. Always decisive and persevering. Sometimes impatient and easily frustrated. You are someone who avoids slithering around and minds your own business, not a trouble maker.


An indecisive and Thin Browintransigent, always very opinionated person. Apprehensive, mostly in the need for a push or inspiration to do things .You are very analytical about situations, and sometimes that’s what leads you to success.

Curved brow


Stout-hearted. The curved roundness means you are always intended at being a vanquisher Enthusiastic and a riveting person to be around. Veracious and trust-worthy.



You are a very rational person, someone who likes to take decisions based on facts and not emotions. Premeditated, not impulsive about conclusions.


Queens brow

They signal a slanderer or perfectionist .You are like a ball of fire and self-reliant. Aggressive, but also in positive aspects. Skeptic about being criticized, not really disrespectful



You are a thinker, a learner, and an impulsive person. A wanderer. You believe in yourself enough to make decisions. Always free-spirited and ludicrous.

Low Arched


You are totally valorous. You appear to be dominating but aren’t really much of an attention seeker. Always zealous and ardent.

Long Brow


You are hyperactive and social, always there for someone when needed.A composed person. Ambitious and focused on gaining every desired thing. 

So how fascinated are you now ?
I’m sure you’re already in front of the nearest mirror in your house or probably checking out your eyebrows impatiently on your phone’s front camera.
More on eyes coming soon! I guess we can find some meaning in the shape of our eyes too!
I have another curiosity – what are the products in your vanity case that you use to enhance your eyes ?
Put them in the comment box below! Let’s have some fun.

…….Curated by Navni Sheth for Argus CMPO

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