Men Tresses – Do you want to experiment with crazy trends ?

A few days ago, I was exploring the timelines on Facebook when I came across one of those silly quizzes about “what kind of a man should you date?”, which made my thoughts and imaginations run to create illusions of  the most appealing looks in a man. Hair styling is the new trend to try experimenting on in the fields of men grooming and many famous stars like Adam Levine, Zac Efron , Harry styles and the likes have set trends.

Pompadoclassic pur
The pompadour was a women’s hairstyle until Elvis Presley, a famous star in the 1950’s was seen sporting it.
The classic-This hairstyle suits people more with a long face and other shapes too at times. It gives you a gentleman look.

The modern-This hairstyle suits people with round face. It adds height and detracts width from the face. It gives you an extremely sexy, edgy feeling. If you want to look flamboyant and love being the center of attraction then pompadour is your thing.

spiky hairstyle


Spiky Hair
Previously known as Mohawk, now has it’s own versions.
This style mostly suits people with a round face and sometimes an appealing jawline.
If you like being a rebel or insurgent and always get out of sticky situation’s then charm them with your exit sporting this hairstyle.


Man Bun or Top knotmb & tk
Man Bun traces it’s origin in the 16th  century as a traditional hairstyle for Samurai’s or Sumo wrestlers. This style is the most ongoing trend or a must have . Whether a long face, oval, square or rectangle grow it and experiment your own looks. When you want a total rugged & rough look  or the patient matured guy look then top it up with that knot.



Afro, when shortened to ‘Fro’ means natural. It’s worn naturally by people with lengthy kinky hair texture.
This looks good on dark people with an oval, long, round or rectangle face and a prominent jawline.
Are you confident and dauntless? Then this style suits you the best with a tanned complexion.

crew h


Crew cut

This hairstyle is trending since the 18th century.It is also known as the Buzz cut. Mostly a look for people with a heart shaped, oval or round shaped face. Suits your personality the best if you’re the intolerant, passionate and dedicated kind of a person.


Caesar cut
This hairstyle is named after Julius Caesar and it was in fashion since 1990’s.
Suits on an oblong, square and round face.
If your hair is thick and nice and you are strong-willed and dominant then cease a moment and get the cut.

Long hair


Long Hair
Long hair has always been an on going trend. Previously kings and supreme powers had long hair and it’s still a trend especially among rock-stars.  looks good on triangle, oval, heart and oval face.
If you’re an artistic, care-free and impulsive person then brush your strands and look like a perfect piece of art.

the bald


The bald.
A shaven head has had widely varying connotations, But is now also a trending style.
Suits most of the face shapes.
It’s a sign that you’re daring, dynamic and focused enough to not bother about critics because that’s your style. That’s you.


So which  style are you going to flaunt ?
Do comment and let us know which one !

………..curated by Navni Sheth for Argus CMPO

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